A Buyer's Guide for Horsebox Sales Scotland

February 24, 2014

In this post I am going to clarify all you need to know before purchasing horsebox. The largest precedence is choosing the horsebox that best suits you. Be sure you understand all of the specifications before purchasing the horsebox. Choose a budget before contacting the vendor and choose what you want. Ask all the questions you might have to the vendor and put in writing his responses, several of the typical questions buyers ask are about the living area, the number of horses it could carry, taco graph etc. Below I have explained more hints to help you get started.

What is the flooring in the equine compartments? Purchasers going via a Horsebox Sales Scotland collection frequently have this in their head. They may be intrigued to know whether it is rubber matting or whether there are any identifiable issues using the rubber.

Afterward a number of the others questions coming up during the procedure for understanding more about the boxes would function as the tires, whether they are in a good shape and have been altered. Breaks and gears are another factor, and so is the power steering that's essential for the truth that it should be simple to drive.

It is additionally due to the dexterity one sees in the service which likewise includes the ramp, understanding whether it is heavy or low and can be put up only or not. The tack locker is an essential cog in the system of things, where the buyer would like to know whether the horsebox has a tack area or not.

The buyer should enquire regarding the lights in the equine and living place, besides understanding more whether the horsebox runs nicely on diesel or gas. The place petitions ought to be clearer, whether there are nicely ventilated windows or not.

An essential move to make would be to lift the ramp-up and down and check whether it can be carried out by you only or whether you'd be needing some help. You should go beneath a Lorry with a screwdriver and poke this upwards to the flooring check.


Rummage as significantly as possible into the sides where moist frequently accumulates. It ought to be cleanest, for your horse can collapse anytime because of the moistness. If the horsebox has rubber matting, raise the mat and see whether looking in the flooring can be done or not. If the matting occurs to be trapped to the ground, check for rips in the rubber. Some horses paw the flooring always causing a hole to create in the rubber.

All about Horsebox Hire

February 24, 2014

In this article I'm going to describe about renting horseboxes. If you searching for tips on buying or selling horseboxes strive my other articles. I have covered everything from general horsebox info to buying, selling and renting horseboxes in my articles.


Horsebox Rent typically involves renting modern caravans that can carry your horses while you're the driver's seat. Horsebox rent, has a lot of advantages like; cost economies, maintaining and having a Horsebox is more costly than it seems. Whereas renting one, gives you more choices regarding your personal luxury and the horse's safety depending on your budget. Outstanding Customer Service, some hire houses have an experience of over two decades renting horsebox's and supply exceptional customer support.


Renting Horseboxes is suitable ergonomic in terms of parking spot necessitated. There are local horsebox rent houses located locally. Some horseboxes have a great track record and experience and might manage to give you customizable horseboxes for-hire, satisfying your needs absolutely. Some even offer endless going anywhere you may drive your horse box and can rely on them for any period of time. There are really no constraints.



Horsebox renting houses provide full insurance on the horseboxes and they have been on the rental company. In addition they offer one day roadside relays, even in the centre of nowhere; all that's necessary to do is contact them. These relay providers are not charged by most horsebox hire houses. Their automobiles are religiously serviced, kept and clean, no worries about. Normally most horsebox hire houses supply full tank of fuel in the time itself. You are not necessary to pay added greens for refueling or added wastage of time searching for a petrol station. They deliver and you also get on your way. Because the care and care-taking of the horseboxes are faith for many horsebox hire houses, the horse stalls are sanitized and they can be sanitized after and before each solitary hire, the insides are cleaned for you too, therefore hygiene is preserved between each hire.



If you are intending to get horsebox make sure to hear to the engine and start the horsebox. Be sure it sounds all right and go for a drive. The person selling it to you would be the first to push it. Simply ensure you feel comfortable. Analyze its breaks. See whether the gears are easy to alter or not. The steering system needs to be gentle, which it usually is.

Horseboxes for Sale - Customers Guide

February 24, 2014

You have to think about several things before considering how to get horseboxes. In this short article I've supplied several ideas to help you select a horsebox that best suit you. Make sure you are seeing it in an appointed time convenient for both you and also the vendor. It will take atleast one hour to test drive and appear at every important things of the horsebox.

Directly ask the vendor the questions you asked in the phone and make certain you examine everything twice before purchasing. Ensure you can lift the ramp of the horsebox only without anyone's assist.

Go beneath the lorry using a screw-driver and poke it upwards into the flooring check out for any soft little the flooring must be solid!! Assess all down the sides where moist can roll up and central - you don't want you horse / pony falling through the floor! When the horsebox has rubber matting lift-up the mats if this is possible to examine the flooring from the top; when that isn't possible and the rubber matting is caught to the floor test for tears in the rubber as some horses paw the floor this could create a hole in the rubber.

Browse the living space can it be clean? Look in the tack lockers if, they are outside test the locks on them make sure they are protected. Sit in the cab ensure you feel satisfied using the dimensions of the horsebox, assess all lights function, make sure the taco graph works in the lorry or whether its taco exempt.


Begin the horsebox upwards, tune in to the engine, make sure it seems fine and take it for a drive. It will be probably driven by the person with the horsebox for sale first, demonstrate you were everything is and then you'll be able to drive it around if you're feeling satisfied with it. Don't forget to feel comfortable, examine the breaks, are the equipments easy to alter and are the steering light as no power-steering in a big horsebox is hard.


If you are happy with what you see make an offer on the horsebox attempt never to agree the asking price attempt to get a deal. Unless you are taking it away there and then after you have agreed on a price you will be anticipated to pay a deposit there to keep the horsebox until you can pick it up.


If you are paying a deposit subsequently make sure you have a written receipt saying what you've paid what is left to cover the date as well as the date you are picking right up the horsebox.

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